11 Brick Wall Living Rooms That Inspire Your Design Creativity

Modern living rooms with an accent brick wall are currently a hot trend that does not seem to fade away. If you happen to live in an apartment. Loft or private residence where brick walls are all neatly covered up. Then it is time to dig deep and let the original brickwork shine through. Spacious rooms are often intimidating. But that’s not the case with this open concept living and dining room, thanks to the white brick walls at the sides. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll probably see the things we haven’t finished yet. For the comfort of users, this tap must adapt to the ergonomics of the sink or basin. Its spout must be high enough that the user can wash his hands easily.

In addition, the depth of the spout must allow the flow of water at the outlet. These bathroom faucets can be equipped with infrared technology incorporating a sensor to operate without manual intervention. Thus, the water flows only when one approaches the hands of the sensor. I still have nail holes to putty and painting to do. We also still need to install the sink, but I haven’t found the right one yet. Well, I did, but not within the price range that I’m looking to spend.

They tone down the superiority and make you feel homey. At the dining area, a set of dining table is placed very close to the brick wall to follow the concept continuity. The color and style of brickwork can make a big difference in the overall appeal of the living room. And in the case of most modern spaces, painting them white is a safe and smart option. This keeps the backdrop distinctly neutral while adding texture to the room.