12 Genius Ways to Makeover Home Office

Hi you guys! I’m so excited about a new decorating and organizing project I’m working on! I am finally doing a much needed home office makeover- yay! I have gathered all of my inspiration photos and created mood boards to get the process started so I wanted to share all of details with you. My hope is to show you the process I use to visualize a room and then show you the final reveal when it’s complete. We had no need for a formal living room, but did want to add an extra bedroom upstairs. So we turned it into the cutest darn cottage bedroom for our daughter, and I so loved this space.

It is likely that few people keep their offices strictly organized, but with these tips, even the biggest clutter bug can create a serene and efficient office space. The filing and paperwork systems must be simple and easy to use, according to Eric Loechner of the website DIY Life. There is no correct way to file, but consumers should make sure that they create a system that matches the way their brains naturally categorize things. Perhaps investing in a labelmaker will help keep files clearly marked.

A supply drawer should never have too many supplies in it. Next I want to organize the books and magazines into my current bookshelf and add some decor that softens the overall look. I also need to find a way to organize the mail the seems to constantly stack up. Finally, I want to add some soft fabric draperies to the window above my desk. With all of the black furniture, I really want to create a softer look in my office using some fabric, plants and decor pieces.