14 Amazing Interiors with Beautiful Natural Light

How to use your pair of candles is entirely up to you. A good idea to help you get started is to place them both side by side on one side of your bathroom. A wonderful atmosphere can be created by suitable lighting and color design of the walls. Whenever Jeff and I move to a new place, the number one priority on our list of must-haves is great natural light. Remember the before photos from this bedroom makeover? Well, it’s time to share how the whole thing turned out.

There was a lot of work to do, but after rolling up our sleeves, reconfiguring a few things, and buying some new furniture, the home owners are now able to enjoy a more relaxing space that feels like home. Did you see the new sign up form at the top of the page? [well, duhhh] There’s a terrific report filled with my best advice for choosing paint colors. If you’re already a subscriber, then you’ve received the report and if not, then please subscribe and you’ll be privy to it as well.

Click through to see how this bedroom makeover turned out. And the same has been true in my search for the ‘perfect’ studio space. Which has more recently become a little bit of a nightmare, but thats a whole other story. Of course, this is different from your average symmetrical attitude but it also has its own ideal charm. If you want to go for the symmetrical placement, you do it for an evenly distributed glow. With nature around, the audios of birds chirping and also all-natural light streaming in, its wonderful!