16 Wood Slice DIY Ideas

DIY projects you can do around your home and garden are the best ones, especially if you can include your kids and teach them how beneficial gardening is. You can use wood logs in so many ways, some practical and some artistic. Many people fall in love with the rustic and natural look of wood and many of them decide to add such decor in their gardens. Woodwork has always been a passion project for me from the time of childhood.

I grew up in a household with parents who oozed creativity and a desire to make things. Wood is one of the most useful and versatile materials there is. People have found ways to turn it into great furniture, simple housing, or even elegant storage. But just when you thought wood couldn’t be fashioned into anything else, here comes wood wall art! It’s a trend everyone’s obsessed with, and I can see why! Keep on reading to find the most genius wood wall art ideas you can make this weekend!

Grab the attention of all your guests and infuse some earthy and warm rustic vibes to a cold room with this gorgeous and minimalistic wood slice table. The great thing about creating wood wall art is you don’t have to spend much. Just add a little color to finish it up. Drill a few holes, insert your cable or rope of choice through the wooden slice, secure in place and hang. Combining a great quote and a fashionable slice of wood makes this wood slice wall art an eye-catching masterpiece.