19 Latest College Apartment Decoration Ideas To Copy

Sometimes college apartments can be difficult places to live in and design to feel like your own. The hunt can be stressful, tiring, and really inconvenient to your Netflix, study, and sleep schedule. Decorating rented space is a real challenge. Most landlords have rules about painting, holes in the wall and a host of other design challenges. Despite those limitations, you can have a truly fabulous space. Check out these genius apartment decorating ideas made for renters. They’re great for college life, too!

College apartments may also have tile or wood floors that are easier on the landlord than replacing carpet each year but which can not only make the room feel cold to look at but can actually be cold on your feet. An area rug is a great decorating idea to help add the appearance and actual feel of warmth to a room.

Vintage is coming back bigger and better then ever. If your apartment isn’t brand new and has some retro feels, then vintage furniture can add character to an already old place. Don’t get me wrong, some apartments are just old . However, if your older apartment has character then emphasize on that with patterns and older furniture! Spending the extra money on a nice area rug is a worthwhile decorating idea for a college apartment.

Area rugs come in many different styles for anyone’s tastes from traditional to contemporary. A large splash of color on the floor can add character to an otherwise understated room. The best reason for an area rug is that you can take it with you when you go and a smaller rug would easily fit into most cars. Sometimes simplicity looks better then overcrowding a room. Not to mention, a simple room saves YOU money! A bedroom like this only needs a couple of items to achieve the retro simple look.