19 Recycled DIYs That’ll Make You Look Like a Genius

One of the biggest appeals to DIY projects is cost. By doing it yourself, there’s a ton of money that can be saved with a little extra effort. All it takes is gathering materials from the store and following a set of instructions. Easy enough, right? I love finding amazing and clever recycled projects that you can use around your home. We often use and throw away so much that could actually be turned into something quite spectacular. We hope this pictures will give you some good ideas for your project, You can see another items of this gallery.

The thing is, a lot of the time you don’t even need to step outside your door to create new treasures. You can be frugal and DIY the old stuff you already own. Do the planet a solid and try one of these recycled DIYs made from common household items. From old ketchup or water bottles, to used CDs and old light bulbs, there are so many genius ways we can recycle stuff we may want to throw out into something genius for our home decor!

I have always been a fan of newspaper recycled DIYs so this is definitely a must try for me. Recycling stuff into something useful is an exciting and feel good project for anyone. If you don’t feel like throwing stuff out, then why not recycle them into home crafts?! And the biggest upside to these recycled projects is that you’ll end up saving yourself a ton of money! I love having new projects to take on, and I love saving money just as much. All of these DIYs are so creative and I am so happy to have found them. Which are your favorite? Let me know in the comments! if you’d like more inspiration, then look at these rustic home decor ideas.