20 Gentleman’s Guide to Casual Fridays

Fridays are a free pass to wear something more relaxed. But don’t be so quick to wear your favorite jeans and t-shirt. There is actually a certain “gentleman dress code” for dress-down fridays that we are about to explain to you. We call it: The Gentleman’s Guide to Casual Fridays. You will look professional, stylish and youthful at the same time.

There is a difference between the style of an ordinary man and a gentleman. A gentleman remains classy and never compromises style. But, that doesn’t mean he has to be stuck in a suit and tie.

As we mentioned above, the usual gentleman outfit implies a tailored suit, elegant tie, pocket square and some class shoes. This can sound a little uptight, right? Being a gentleman doesn’t have to mean looking dead serious all the time. Contrary, you can be one with a casual style that also leaves a good impression. On top of that, comfort should always be on your list of priorities