21 Creative DIY Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Vertical garden walls are not trendy only because they are beautiful and attractive, but also because they improve the air quality of your home. No wonder you find them in the lobbies of hotels or corporate offices and possibly even the atriums of airports and shopping centers. Don’t worry about the space they need, they vary in size, thus, they fit all any space available.

The first project I fell in love with was this rolling herb garden cart. It’s such a smart design for those of us who have a small space that is flanked by walls. I have a carport area that I use to grow plants that I’m testing out for the first time. I have limited garden space so I use that as my plant trial area. Because it is in between two garages, the west side gets the morning sun and the east side gets the afternoon sun. With a rolling cart like this, I can move my test herbs from side to side to be sure they got sun all day!

For this project, I chose to line the wire baskets of my utility rack with coco liners because I like how they look with the color of the rack that I bought. But you could use landscaping fabric or burlap to line the baskets if you prefer. Coco liners can be found at any garden center or home improvement store, and they come in either preformed sizes or in large rolls.”