23 collaborative projects for the new school year

It would also make a wonderful end of year gift/photo for children to take home as a memory of their time in that class/year. This idea makes for a very impressive school entrance or hall project. Every child and teacher makes or decorates a butterfly to add to the display. The project was the brainchild of art teacher Jessica Moyes. While the installment is just now complete, she’s been working on it for some time. Are you nervous about starting the school year? Or are you excited to get things going? Even though this is my lucky 13th year teaching, I still get anxious to go back. It’s a combo of nerves, excitement and anxiety about getting back into a different routine.

I still have dreams that the class is out of control, I forget that I am scheduled to teach or I oversleep. Recently, I asked readers to share their top tips for starting the school year. Read on to get a wide variety of ideas, tips and plans for the beginning of the year. Their symptoms may include not wanting to make mistakes in order to keep their page nice and tidy. Creating the stencil design is the fun part. However, it does take some planning. If you have access to technology, this is a great project for integration. This lesson could serve as a way to introduce students to typography and imagery. If technology is not available, students can design their stencils using their drawing skills.

The end object will become even more powerful, more personal and far more important. They may lack the courage to take risks in fear of making mistakes, getting it wrong and possibly being in trouble. It was funded by a grant from a local foundation that funds unique projects in our school district,” she tells Scary Mommy. I applied for this grant and received it earlier in the year. Along with the inspiring quote ‘Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly’.