24 More Amazon Must Haves for Your Classroom

Where have these been all my life? When I first released Classroom Management games I showed how I store the game pieces in a pail on the white board. These magnetic hooks are the best for holding the pieces! What teacher doesn’t love a good anchor chart? I got the idea for this from another teacher at my school. We can’t have candles because the open flame is dangerous (a smart policy, in my humble opinion) and plug-in fresheners give me a headache. I was resigned to having a dingy-smelling classroom until I discovered wax melts!

My issue with the traditional anchor chart paper is that I don’t like the messy paper rips at the top if I choose to pull it off the spiral to hang up in the classroom. Does that make me weird? No more messy paper mess at the top of those pretty charts with this self adhesive anchor chart paper. For Work on Writing, I LOVE these magnetic hooks. Our school doesn’t have anywhere for me to store my teacher’s desk, so we use it for our Work on Writing center. I had been using Command Hooks to hold our prompts and vocabulary lists, but found these 8 magnetic hooks for $9.

I love that they’re portable and sturdy so I don’t have to hear, “THE HOOKS FELL, MS W!!” six times a day during guided reading. I also love them for any activity, like reading response cards, that are on a binder ring. I love bins. Tall bins, small bins, clear bins, colored bins – I just love bins! These bins here are ones I bought two years ago to house my mentor texts. I love that they have a latch so that the lid really does stay on! These are great for mentor texts, organizing stations, storing games and activities, and more. Simply stick them on the board to hold any thing you can think of! They are STRONG!