25 Christmas Tree Ideas

When you are decorating for your Coastal-inspired holiday, you want beach Christmas tree ideas. Your coastal Christmas tree is the center point of your coastal home decor. However, it can be difficult to know how to design it so it fits within your beach theme and color scheme. Should you choose the same color assortment of ornaments? Should you use white and blue colors to match the beach? We try to answer these questions for you in this article. A little bit Merry and a little bit bright, bring in the wonder and magic of the holiday season with white Christmas tree decor for an elegant and sophisticated look. This is the time of year for entertaining in style, so why not go all out with your holiday decor and try out something new to fascinate your guests.

Whether your tree is real or artificial, begin your display by securing your tree in the holder, leveling the tree and securing the upper branches if the tree is top heavy and likely to tip. Finally, cover the tree holder with a tree skirt or a length of fabric in a color that coordinates with your theme. Don’t know how to decorate your Christmas tree? Don’t find any tree that suits you?

The inspiration for this calendar came from my love of Christmas trees. It is completely created from scratch, with nothing more than a little photo to go on. It took about 10 tries to get all those angles right! But the end result for you is an easy to cut and fold project. It only takes a couple of hours to make. We have put together a collection of inspiring ideas to help get you started. The tree is an artificial deluxe Barcana Alaskan Fir.