26 Farmhouse Chic Classroom Gift Ideas

It’s such a fun project and you’ll love the end result! Change up the wording to any holiday words desired. Santa’s reindeer names would be really fun too! When I started working on my Farmhouse Decor theme, I had just a few packets. I haven’t actually put up any of it yet, but doing a CHRISTMAS DRESS REHEARSAL in my own head. If you or one of your family member is handy enough to make the customized farmhouse bed for your room, you are in good luck to share him/her this free plan for a DIY possibility with this detailed step by step plans to help you build your own Farmhouse Bed!

Some people just go for it and get it done, others I know make a sketch and like much of my decorating it’s done in my head only…often keeping me awake at night. First, I painted the wall white using Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. Then the hard part began. I left about a nickel’s width between the two pieces of tape. Are you like that at all with the vision of sugarplums ruining your sleep? Now, after using the theme in my own classroom for a few years, the bundle is HUGE. It was ending up too dark.

I didn’t. So I grabbed one of those and rubbed my stain right over it. Yes! That kept the stain from grabbing too dark plus it changed the shade of the stain just a bit.I have thought of everything that could possibly be added to the TPT Farmhouse Decor Bundle. You can save almost $40 by buying the bundle rather than going a la carte on packets. I hope this post helps to inspire you with your classroom decor and encourages you to check out my packet on TpT.