27 DIY Patio Curtains from Drop Cloths

Are you looking for a simple solution for the summer sun beating down on your patio? These DIY Patio Curtains from drop cloths may be exactly what you need to add a bit of shade to your outdoor space. Bonus- you can make these curtains with no sewing!Our back patio faces west and even though it’s covered, the relentless Texas sun bakes our patio between the hours of 2 and 7 pm. The heat makes it impossible to enjoy our patio until the sun dips below the treeline.

We’ve looked into a few shade options, but everything has been out of our budget. We finally decided to give some simple patio curtains made from drop cloths a try.The curtains have been up for over a month now. I wanted to fix up the porch a bit before trying to get photos and posting about the curtains, but it’s already well into July and before you know it, summer will be over.

What makes these curtains so great is we bought enough of the drop cloths, so when you pull the curtains open, they are wide enough to reach all the way across the open space between the cedar posts. Blocks every bit of the sun!

Photos of the 27 DIY Patio Curtains from Drop Cloths

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