27 Teacher-Tested Hacks For Elementary Classrooms

Fighting germs in the classroom is a never-ending chore, but you’ve got plenty of help right in front of you—“many hands make light work.” Make a game of cleaning up by giving each student a wet wipe and having them scrub the tables and chairs as hard as they can. You can get traditional sticky notes, lined notes, decorative ones, etc. at the dollar store. If you put your hand up for one or more of these thoughts. Getting started with Google Forms can be a little tricky, especially if you have never used the tool before. All of the other Google Apps are fairly simple because they are so similar to programs we have already used (Slides and Powerpoint), but Forms is unlike any other program.

Then you were like me and you realize that having good classroom management ideas is extremely important. I’m sure you can agree that having a classroom management plan is an absolute 100{abce49ca9b7629b4ef5152d03c46eac9fa42c5b9710e8c3de4c6e03e393e6e86} must for any classroom. There are SO MANY different types of Brag Tags available online that you can choose from! Whether it’s bright themes, printer friendly, or content specific, the choices are infinite. These couldn’t NOT make this list! If you are a fan of classroom management bingo or classroom management. Connect you know how amazing I think these velcro dots are! I don’t know why I ever cut velcro into pieces before! Simply peel and stick!

Here’s an even more convenient option. You can now purchase pre-printed Brag Tags!! Carson-Dellosa recently sent us their NEW Reward Tags to review and we are so excited to show them to you!! We are given a large group of children and are expected to teach them. You can choose from a large assortment at any given time. They often have seasonal options, too. Give the one with the dirtiest wet wipe at the end of two minutes a small prize. Your classroom gets clean and the students have fun—a win-win.

Photos of the 27 Teacher-Tested Hacks For Elementary Classrooms

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