I couldn’t be more thrilled to share our master small bathroom design remodel pictures today! This space is obviously my new favorite room in the house. I just LOVE it to pieces. If you remember the before photos we shared of this space and our small bathroom ideas post for the space, we weren’t working with a lot to start with. Ha! By moving out a wall about 30 inches, adding a larger window and a few other tricks we learned along the way – this small bathroom design is now doing BIG bathroom design work. Follow these bathroom design for small spaces ideas we came up with to add an instant win to any bathroom you might be tackling soon

If you don’t have enough money to remodel the entire bathroom, you can change the most standout features (or create new and fresh design elements). This can mean changing the faucets, replacing the walls and cabinet, or using wallpaper.
You can also keep the basic features such as floor, wall, closet, and sink. Replace or add small accents to change the bathroom’s atmosphere. Try replacing the lamps, adding a new mirror, or sticking new decal.

One of the design challenges when working in a small bathroom is the tightness to fit everything in. We measured and measured again, even looked up information on how to design for tiny spaces and thought we had it perfectly mapped out
Choosing the right atmosphere is also important. While the bathroom should reflect your personality, it must also provide sanctuary and function at the same time. You can check out the new bathroom remodeling trend to get started.


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