45+ Simple Easy Flower Pot Painting Ideas

There are so many creative ideas how to make awesome DIY flower pots. We made one collection of inspirational ideas, that will help you to make fresh decorations for your home. You don’t have to be a professional gardener to know that terracotta pots are good for the plants but why is that?

Let them get creative and design their own pot. Then, plant their seed and watch it grow! I know that I always enjoyed doing any activity where paint is involved. If water comes out, it is too wet; if it breaks apart, it is too dry. But if the lump of soil retains its shape or cracks just a little when it is dropped, it is in good condition to work into your gardening pots.
Well, first of all, clay or terracotta pots are porous and allow moisture and air to penetrate it and to reach the roots situated at the edges. These pots also have thick walls that protect the rots, which is an advantage when they are used outdoors

Most consider that an unattractive detail and try to hide it. This is the perfect project to keep your kids busy over spring break! The following ideas are useful for cases like these but also if you simply want to make your terracotta pots look more attractive for purely aesthetic reasons. If you have free time, see our collection and surely will get inspired. Have fun! And, enjoy it with your kids or other adults at a wine and painting night.


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