Top 24 Care Tips for Happy and Healthy Succulents

If it is the same size. You must ensure that as much of the old soil as possible is discarded without harming the root structure. This is because indoor conditions don’t naturally support these cute little creations. We need to take special care of succulents to keep them thriving and happy all year round! Then it’s probably not getting enough light and is “reaching” for the sun. Succulents offer brilliant colours and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight. They’re the perfect plants for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike – and trust me – you CAN’T say that about all plants.

The more sun the better! If your succulent is growing a bit lanky, with a long stem and lots of space between leaves.If what you crave is a low-maintenance garden that’s full of color, texture, and interesting aesthetic, then succulents are your best option. You won’t regret it! Knowledge is key here – it’s the difference between succulents that thrive. And succulents that wither away to nothing. That would be too easy. will quickly lead to a shriveled and dried up air plant. And who wants that? Not me.

While you can grow succulents in the shade, their colour won’t be as intense. Succulents are, in my opinion, the easiest plants to grow – IF you know how to properly care for them. Ever struggle with keeping your succulents alive? I know I have. Fill the new container with all-purpose tropical soil/peat mix, transfer the plant, and water it lightly. If your new container is larger, you can just transfer your Pilea directly into the larger container with the old soil undisturbed. Just make sure there is enough new soil/peat to fill the container. It’s taken some time to understand these plants that have become so popular.